Due to the ongoing downturn on almost all markets and the upcoming model changeover for the high-volume E-Class series, Mercedes-Benz Cars sold a total of 72,200 vehicles (February 2008: 96,800) worldwide in February (minus 25 percent ). The division has sold 134,500 (January-February 2008: 187,200) Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart, and Maybach brand vehicles to date this year (minus 28 percent). Mercedes-Benz sold 63,600 vehicles in February 2009 (February 2008: 88,000 units). This represents a 28-percent decline from the February 2008 mark, which was the brand’s all-time sales record for the month of February.

smart delivered 8,600 vehicles (February 2008: 8,800 units) to customers worldwide last month (minus two percent). smart is now in the third year of its lifecycle. The smart fortwo has been available in the U.S.since one year now, and in February customers purchased 1,400 (February 2008: 1,100) of the innovative two-seater which is an increase of 29 percent.

Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars: "In recent weeks we've been observing a growing interest among German customers in our new passenger cars and our one year old pre-owned vehicles. In February, sales of the smart fortwo in Germany increased by 28 percent. What's more, there was a substantial increase in orders for the A- and B-Class. The demand for our one year old pre-owned vehicles has also been developing very positively since the beginning of the year, with double-digit growth rates.".....

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Mercedes-Benz Cars Worldwide Sales Drop 25.4 % In February

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