I was really stunned with the BMW S.X concept made by Iulian Bumbu. It's like a supercar that BMW has to make to claims its superiority in the auto industry. Bumbu's idea was brilliant, a cool BMW supercar to compete with Porsche 911 and Aston Vantage. Since BMW canceled the BMW M1 production, BMW fans really hope that someday BMW makes a car to compete in the supercar's world. BMW got the money, the brain, and the technology. So why don't they make one? Here is my imagination of what a BMW supercar looks like. Based from the BMW pretty boy Z4, I make it longer and sleeker to looks more like a supercar. To be honest, I know it's still far worse compare to Mr. Bumbu's design, but hey, I really tried. If you like, download the high resolution.

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BMW Z10 Supercar rendering

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