Well, if you are going to speed, don't do it in Switzerland. Because either you will wind up in jail OR you will pay a hefty fine. No, not like those $500 tickets you come across.

Check this out...

GTspirit reports:

"A Swiss millionaire appeared in court today over a speeding ticket for traveling 85mph (137km/h) on country roads. The fine totaled 299,000 Swiss francs (£181,632.39 or €202,030.69) outweighing the cost of the Ferrari Testarossa the man was reported to be driving at the time. Repeat speeding offenses meant that the court were able to impose such a high penalty for the offense.

The fine was calculated from the man’s estimated €15.8 million (£14.2 million) fortune. This figure included the price of the mans collection of five Ferrari’s and even his house."

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Don't Go Speeding In Switzerland, OR You'll Wind Up Like THIS Guy

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