As the boys from Top Gear found out, it is not always fun and games trying to find the world's most perfect driving road. So, we consulted the Aussies to help us out with this one.

Not only do they have roads from the U.S. but there is an immense variety of options from Scandinavia to Darjeeling.

We have provided you the options, now it is up to YOU to make it happen.

But, before you read away, do you have any suggestions?

Let us know in the comments below...

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

From a grand-prix circuit to the Arctic wilderness, we hug the corners on the world's most memorable day drives.

High road in Tibet

Driving 270 kilometres across the sky-high Tibetan Plateau from Lhasa to Gyantse is a lesson in altitude. First, the road takes you out of the Tibetan capital - past Chinese-built housing developments, along six-lane highways - and into a different Tibet, one with mud-brick farmhouses, horse-drawn carts, "good luck" ladders painted on rock faces and prayer flags fluttering on hillsides....

Wild times at Yellowstone, US

It's a traffic jam, Wyoming-style - but instead of shouting abuse, drivers lean out car windows with glee, cameras snapping wildly. Oblivious to the kerfuffle, the protagonists - a herd of bison with heads the size of Honda hatchbacks - meander blithely between stationary vehicles, kings of the road in brute strength and by law..."

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