Oh-kay, oh-kay. So there has been a lot of discussion on Toyota's latest troubles and we all know that in some form or fashion that this will all remain in buyer's memories for years to come. Automotive recalls are not something that the industry is immune to.

Recalls have come and gone in the years past, each with a varying degree of hurt to each automaker.

I am sure you recall -- no pun intended -- that Audi's unintended acceleration issue with the Audi 5000 turned into a public relations disaster thanks to the handy work of 60 Minutes. Later on, the NHTSA cleared Audi of any wrongdoing as it were the drivers who were not used to the close pedal arrangement of the European automaker.

The implications of this incident was so drastic, Audi nearly pulled out of the U.S. market. Imagine if the States did not have an R8?

Then there was the dreaded Lancia Beta. Known to rust at a drop of water, the company began buying back Betas and replacing them for buyers. As was seen with Audi, it was clear that the mess had damaged the brand's nameplate severely. Lancia pulled out of the market in 1994.

After all that we have seen, between Ford/Firestone and all the others, where will Toyota's recall eventually wind up? Not necessarily in terms of units more so in terms of how much it will affect the brand's nameplate and in the scheme of major, historical recalls.

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Recalls, Recalls, Recalls: Where Does Toyota's Problem Rank In The History Of Famous Recalls?

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