The New York Times reports:

Combine electronics geek with muscle-car enthusiast and you’ve got Dave Phipps.

Using a new high-tech tool called
RedEye — a hardware/software system made by ThinkFlood that converts an iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote control — Mr. Phipps has fashioned the ultimate remote for his 1969 Pontiac GTO convertible. He told Jalopnik that the setup rolls the power windows and controls the convertible’s power ragtop, opens the doors and trunk, arms the alarm, starts the motor (and revs it) and plays the stereo system (Rush, anyone?).

Using off-the-peg electronic gear to pimp his rides is nothing new for Mr. Phipps, who lives in Sherwood, Ore. and owns a company that installs fire alarm systems. He said he had hacked his stripped-down Pontiac with a number of remote-control devices through the years, including a standard key fob and a cellphone that uses its speed-dial function to put the car’s top down or lower the windows...

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