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Grannies vs Teens: Who is Scarier on the Road?

You’ve seen them . . . reckless teen drivers who are on their cell phones and shooting past other cars on the highway, having no respect for others on the road.

You have also seen the grannie, hunched over her steering wheel, with the turn signal flashing for miles on end while going 20 miles under the speed limit.

It has been said that both types of drivers are dangerous on the road.  In fact, there has been talk in some states of raising the minimum driving age to 18.  There has also been talk about requiring those over a certain age to take a driving test every year.  While it may not be true for everyone, it can certainly be said that many individuals in both groups are less than ideal drivers.

But who is scarier on the road?  Who poses the most threat to those who drive along side them?  The answer may not be that clear.

The Age of Citizens in the United States

Some states allow those 15 years and older to hold a learner’s permit.  Many times, by the time those citizens are 16 years old, they are eligible to obtain a driver’s license.  There are a little more than 20 million 15 year olds in the US, and a few more 20 year olds....

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Grannies Vs. Teens: WHO Is Scarier On The Road?

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