Car audio manufacturer MAGNAT has revealed its own version of the F-150, Ford’s popular pick-up truck. After MAGNAT did some work on the F-150, the pickup can be considered to be a sound system on wheels.

MAGNAT improved on the appearance by adding 22-inch Rockstar alloys covered in highspeed tires from Yokohama and the truck also now has a gunmetal grey body finish. The F-150 was fitted with Recaro Cross Sportster CS-single seats with Alcantara upholstery, and it boasts multimedia features such as DVD, Ipod, TV Tuner, Navi or Xbox game console. According to a company statement, the interior design matches the exterior because the specialists from Pulheim value both the inner worths as well as the outside worths.

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Ford F-150 by Magnat: 20,000 Watts of pleasure

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