Well, here's the thing about the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee...

The current generation is a bit of a weak entrant into the sport-utility game. Its interior is blah, the off-road capability is questionable and its engines are the kind of thing that make anyone say "Meh*."

*Meh is a term that is essentially a synonym for "whatever," "blah," "sub-par," "a joke."

The last generation was something. Sold relatively well, did some good work and were good looking.

But enough the past and the present, what about the future?

This is where things get intriguing because it seems that most of the auto reviews are coming in positive. Not just positive, but very positive.

Will this be the car that brings Chrysler into the 21st century or is it merely a car that is simply too late to the "show?"

Several years ago, I paid heed to my inner child and attended Iron Maiden’s “Aces (Very) High Tour”. During one of the breaks, singer Bruce Dickinson said, “I don’t know what’s going on. We’re still making records, and I think they’re pretty good. But nobody on the radio wants to play them. They don’t play that kind of music now. Even if people want to hear it.” Intrigued by his comment, I bought the new Maiden record. He’s right. It’s pretty good, even if the music industry has moved on. It’s also a completely standard, formulaic effort that sounds exactly like every Iron Maiden record after their final burst of creativity, “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.”

What if… the new Iron Maiden record had been a double album, with the first disc being an absolutely perfect distillation of every previous record, and the second one being ten jazz standards, all performed to the highest standard of musicianship? Would anybody buy it, or would they still line up for the latest MP3s from the Silversun Pickups? That’s the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in a nutshell. It’s staggeringly competent off-road, but it’s also an absurdly composed, quiet, and comfortable freeway cruiser. Are you interested, or would you rather have a GMC Acadia?...

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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