In yet another move that seems to hint that this Toyota "pedalgate," or as one publication put it "beige bites back," may be overblown, it turns out the crash data being analyzed by the U.S. Department of Transportation may be showing something to the tune of driver error.

Not that this wasn't suggested before in a New York Times op-ed piece by one of the investigators who worked on the Audi 5000 controversy.

It isn't as if we haven't been entirely sure about it either, as you can see HERE and HERE as well.

So, now what?

**For the full details of the latest findings surrounding Toyota, click "Read Article" to hear more about the crash data findings

The U.S. Department of Transportation has analyzed dozens of data recorders from Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles involved in accidents blamed on sudden acceleration and found that at the time of the crashes, throttles were wide open and the brakes were not engaged, people familiar with the findings said.

The results suggest that some drivers who said their Toyota and Lexus vehicles surged out of control were mistakenly flooring the accelerator when they intended to jam on the brakes. But the findings don't exonerate Toyota from two known issues blamed for sudden acceleration in its vehicles: sticky accelerator pedals and floor mats that can trap accelerator pedals to the floor.

The findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration involve a sample of reports in which a driver of a Toyota vehicle said the brakes were depressed but failed to stop the car from accelerating and ultimately crashing...

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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Sound Familiar? Crash Data Suggests DRIVER Error In Toyota Accidents

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