According to the TREAD Act, under the Federal Motor Vehicle Saftey Standard no. 138, a tire pressure monitoring system must be installed in all passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles and light trucks produced in 2008.

This is in the US but according to a story from abroad, TPMS' are still not required in their vehicles.

But should they be?

This AutoExpress piece makes a pretty good point AGAINST the need for TPMS monitors.

Besides the added costs for the raw materials, you have to also consider that these systems may be doing more harm than good. Why? Because it is likely that typical drivers take the reading for granted and do not properly maintain their tires. As the article points out, do most people keep an eye on their tires in order to spot uneven wear or unsightly bulges in the tires? Probably not.

What say you, Spies? Are TPMS just another useless gadget OR has it saved your skin?

We want to hear from YOU...

A BACKLASH is underway against mandatory safety kit after the European Union added yet another item to the list of technology required on cars.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) will become compulsory from November 2011, but the need for this has been questioned by the industry.

Currently offered as an option by many manufacturers, TPMS can cost up to £250. A Hyundai insider said: “It’s a relatively costly thing and we have to pass that on to the consumer. There is a safety aspect and we appreciate that, but we don’t think it’s needed.Feedback from our customers shows they don’t like it. We offered it as standard on the i30, and customers said they’d rather not have it...

[Source: AutoExpress]

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Are TPMS' Beneficial OR Simply A Waste Of $?

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