When it comes to all things geeky, there is not much sex appeal, right? I mean how sexy can a group of World of Warcraft players and plug-in hybrid drivers be, right?

Well, if you ask Fisker's marketing department those would likely be fighting words because the alternative energy vehicle automaker has just put out a new video highlighting the Karma. It's suppose to get YOU hot, not the planet.

While we give the marketing department props for creativity I think I speak for a few of us gearheads when I say:

"Can you get the damn car to market already?"

We've been waiting for eons, EONS, I say...

On the other hand, keep plenty of those Christian Louboutin wearing, fire engine red lipstick honies around

Fisker Automotive has revealed its new commercial for the Karma plug-in hybrid. Best line: "Designed to get you hot, not the planet."

[Source: YouTube VIA Autobloggreen VIA Fisker]

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VIDEO: Is There ANYTHING Sexy About Plug-Ins? Fisker Thinks So...

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