Although the NBA in recent years seems to have gotten a bad rap with some players that are deemed "thugs," it always is nice to see a down-to-earth guy in the league.

One of those gentle giants is the seven-foot-tall Andrew Bynum. Having won two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers at only 22 we have to give props where it is due. Well played, Andrew!

More importantly, though is that Bynum is an absolute car nut. While 00R may not agree with Bynum's choice of mods, you have to appreciate that he adores his vehicles. The car that Bynum mentions is his "baby" is his thoroughly worked BMW M6.

Tuned out with some serious G-Power modifications, he says it is putting out somewhere around 800 ponies.

Probably one of the more entertaining points of this video is watching Bynum get into his car. At around seven-feet tall, he is by no means a small guy. And being that I am 6'8, I can relate to Bynum's woes. It ain't easy being gree...I mean tall.

**For the in-depth details about Andrew Bynum's BMW M6, watch down below....

LA Lakers superstar Andrew Bynum takes the time to showcases his pimped out BMW M6. Furthermore, he goes on camera sharing his love for BMW and how he came to appreciate the brand.

The two-tone painted M6 went through some cosmetic changes, from the black and white paint to carbon fiber roof, lightweight performance wheels, customized Brembo Brakes, redesigned fenders and many more...

[Source: BMWBlog]

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VIDEO: LA Laker, Andrew Bynum, Shows Off His G-Power BMW M6

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