Although celebrities are usually known for their unbelievable fleets, some like to keep it low key. For example, would you expect a millionaire teen pop sensation to drive a second-generation Toyota Prius? I mean, that wasn't exactly the most fun I've ever had behind the wheel.

You have to admit, driving around a GMC Yukon Hybrid isn't exactly the first thing you'd expect funnyman Adam Sandler driving, no?

The list goes on...

So, if you had papparazzi following your every move, what car would you pick to float by under the radar. I've got mine and I am willing to wager that no one can guess 00R's pick.

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Sure, Bentleys, Aston Martins and Lotuses clog the roads of certain celebrity enclaves. But not everyone living life on the A-list wants to draw extra attention by driving around in such an extravagant auto. To maintain privacy, elude the paparazzi or simply stay low-key, some of the biggest names in Hollywood opt for vehicles that let them fly under the radar. The GMC Yukon blends in as it barrels through city streets, the Toyota Prius provides a clear environmental conscience and a low profile, and German practicality outshines star power in the Volkswagen Phaeton. Here's the who's who of celebrity subtlety when it comes to everyday driving....

[Source: MSN Autos]

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Celebrities And Their UNDERCOVER Cars, What Would YOU Do?

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