I guess we're going with a Big Brother themed weekend after yesterday's story. The latest in spy tech is the AS&E Z Backscatter Van.

Backscatter? That sounds all sorts of wrong.

Anyway, the van's primary purpose is to allow for a driver, and a possible assistant, the ability to x-ray parked or suspicious vehicles in order to see contents. While we believe that this is a noble cause, do you feel that it may be a bit invasive.

Are we wrong?

The real question that lingers in 00R's mind is how can this device just shoot out x-ray and expose innocent bystanders to x-rays?

It kind of reminds me of a failed invention, the shoe-fitting fluoroscope.

Have you ever seen a truck like the one in the accompanying picture? Because if so, you can be pretty sure it’s seen you—a lot of you.

What looks like a mild-mannered Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is actually an AS&E Z Backscatter Van. Or, as the cool kids call it, a ZBV. It’s essentially one of those airport x-ray imaging things on wheels. Neat, huh...

[Source: AutoSavant]

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