Either we are watching the beginning of something Monumental or something on par with the Great Chicago Fire; a total disaster.

As Top Gear USA has finally been produced with three American fellows, we're remaining on the sideline, wondering "will it live up to the real deal?" The odds are stacked against the trio but we're crossing our fingers. I mean, hell, if Australia can do it and pull it off you better believe we can!

One of the show's hosts is the widely-respected Tanner Foust. And here's the cool part: 0-60 Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Foust for a one-on-one about the show and a whole bunch of other topics. Yes, sex is one of them.

So, without further interruption, check out the video down below...

0-60 assistant editor Alex Bernstein sat down with Tanner Foust to talk about his upcoming role on Top Gear USA, why Gymkhana Grid will kick ass, why small turbos are better than big turbos and why sex before a race is always a good thing...

[Source: 0-60 Magazine]

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INTERVIEW: Tanner Foust Talks Top Gear USA

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