If you're a gearhead you're probably the one that stops whatever you're doing when you hear the sound of something driving hard and fast.

Take, for example, 00R: today I was walking in Washington D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood when I heard that infamous growl. Long story short, it was a Ferrari F430. Before the car came around the corner I stopped moving and just waited for it to approach.

Although the 430 is just one example of many, I find that I prefer vintage V12s, six-cylinders and high-strung V8s over everything else. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a burly, Shelby GT500 but it's not my first choice if I had to select a track to play on repeat.

With that said, there is something about a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale that is just sensational to me.

**More importantly though, what car does it for you?

The weekend is heading our way. So why not have a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale producing an incredible sound inside a tunnel as our video of the day. The video was recorded in Brazil.

Prepare your neighbours before watching the video! The 360 Challenge Stradale is ‘destroying’ the tunnel walls...

[Source: GTspirit]

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