When 00R's driving through New York City, he questions every once and a while, "what's the speed limit?" There aren't any speed postings -- that I have noted -- nor does there appear to be any observed limit since that cabbie just blew past at 60 mph.

According to new advertisements from the New York Department of Transportation, the limit is a lowly 30 mph. Oh, really?

The DOT says that this is because if a driver's moving at 40 mph, the likelihood of fatal hit is 70 percent, while if you hit someone at 30 mph, the chance of survival is 80 percent. If that's the case, why not just make the speed limit 10 and we'll take it back to the early 1900s so everyone can live a much more peaceful life?

What say you, Spies? Is this rational or should we take a more Darwin-like approach to this situation?

**Take a look at the new advertisements down below

New Yorkers think they know everything. It's true. Want proof? Next time you're visiting, ask for subway directions. For maximum enjoyment be sure to ask a group of New Yorkers so that you'll get multiple answers to the same question and, more than likely, set off an argument. But apparently they don't know the speed limit in the city...

[Source: Advertising Age]

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No This Isn't A Trick Question: What's The Speed Limit In NYC?

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