Being a part of Volkswagen Auto Group means plenty of good things: part sharing, plenty of cash and hopefully an economy of scale. But to some, it could bring about some bad things.

Word on the street is suggesting that the upcoming Bugatti sedan may utilize the Audi A8 as a foundation. Well, you can't really blame Bugatti for this. Considering the A8 drives well and it would likely help cut costs, especially when it went all out on the Veyron, one would think Bugatti wants to make a profit for VWAG at some point.

However, is it going to destroy the appeal of Bugatti?

I mean, the same plan worked for Bentley when it used the Volkswagen Phaeton as the underpinning for the Continental GT/Flying Spur, no?

German magazine Der Spiegel reports that Bugatti is planning the release of a new luxury sedan for 2014, based on the Audi A8. Using existing technology will provide a significant reduction in development cost. The new luxury limousine will be a blueprint of the 16C Galibier, which debuted in September 2009 at the IAA...

[Source: GTspirit]

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Volkswagenized? 2014 Bugatti Galibier To Be Based On Audi's A8?

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