The Spies spent Valentines Day weekend in beautiful Sicily getting our first taste of the all new 2012 Audi A6.

And I can tell you it was one sweeet taste.

This is not an easy segment to compete in especially when you're facing the perpetually awarded BMW 5-Series and the popular selling Mercedes E-Class.

But from my short drive experience I can confidently share with you that the 2012 A6 is the best all around car.

When I first saw the original photos of the car, my initial reaction was that it was too similar of a design to the outgoing model.

I have learned in my years of being around cars that the first impression is NOT the most important.

Until you see the car in person, walkaround it, sit in it, and see it driving on the road, you really can't make a true judgement.

So after seeing it now at two auto shows and in Sicily I can honestly say that this Audi is the Armani suit of the three.

Tasteful, classic, modern, timeless and elegant are the right words to describe it.

And an Armani suit NEVER needs a complete makeover only fine enhancements.

And it REALLY shines in the evening.

The LEDs (front and rear) really make a statement while you're driving and when you make your entrance.

It's almost mezmerizing when you see the front end staring at you.

Truly beautiful.

It's like a siren seducing you to get you inside.

And once inside as everyone knows, Audi NEVER disappoints.

Inside it OWNS.

Material quality, color combos, ergonomics and leading edge tech features make you feel REALLY special.

When you get inside and behind the wheel, it's hard to say no to it.

And for bigger guys and gals you will fit more comfortably inside the A6 versus the 5-Series.

But how does it drive?

In the past, the A6 always felt heavy and not very nimble in the twisties.

Not on the 2012.

Audi shaved a TON of weight off the car.

So much so that even WITH Quattro, it weighs NO more than a rear wheel drive BMW.

So on mountain roads where I drove the new A6, dare I say it?

It drove like a BMW. (Can't wait to read the comments on this!)

But like a BMW with a more luxurious feeling suspension.

As great as a 5-Series is, the masses usually find the suspension and ride a little too harsh for their tastes.

Audi solves this dilemma.

I drove the 3.0 gasoline engine and the diesel.

I hope comes to the states because it would be my choice with a range of over an 800 kilometers per tank!

I still think the 5-Series have the better engines (definitely more power and get up and go) but on balance...exterior design, interior design and quality, drive and performance...TOTAL package...The 2012 Audi A6 is the car I would recommend to most people.

Agent 001 HEARTS the new Audi 'Light'.

And I know if you test drive it, you will agree and heart it too.

Enjoy the awesome photo gallery with over 600 photos of the 2012 Audi A6 and a beautiful photo tour of gorgeous and romantic Sicily.

Sicily is very special to me as my fathers side of the family was from Montemaggiore Belsito.

SOME of the scenery in the gallery was to die for. Literally!

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EXCLUSIVE REVIEW AND PHOTOS: Seduced On Valentines Day? Spies Heart The 2012 Audi A6

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