Something tells me that Agent 001 didn't see this one coming a mile away. 001 is first to admit that when he first saw the all-new Audi A6 in person he wasn't exactly "sold" on the vehicle. And judging from the comments of our fellow spies, he wasn't the only one.

Well, now that he has driven it extensively, 001's changed his tune. Shockingly, it very well could be a BMW 5-Series beater, which was just revamped for the 2011 model year.

That may be pretty hard to believe but there's plenty of good reasons to back this up. From the slick and conservative exterior styling, the full LED headlights and high-quality interior, this Audi is ready to do battle. 001 makes sure to point out though that the biggest change is that the A6 was put on a diet, which he says has improved its driving dynamics drastically.

Don't believe me?

See 001's FULL and DETAILED review on camera down below...

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FIRST VIDEO REVIEW: 2012 Audi A6 -- BMW 5-Series Beater?

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