Although it may seem hard to believe for some of you, yes, there is a premier Ferrari tuner. With some in the automotive press saying that Ferraris are nearly perfect, you wouldn't think that there is room for improvement.

Novitec Rosso thought otherwise and now it has finally brought forth its tuning program for the 458 Italia at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Boosting power to 609 horsepower, Novitec Rosso has optimized the already stellar 458's performance through a mix of mechanical and cosmetic parts. From extensive use of functional carbon fiber to a high-performance exhaust made of the same material found in Formula One cars, you can't say this is a botched job.

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Novitec Rosso has finally released their program for the Ferrari 458 Italia. At the Geneva Motor Show 2011 the extensive program for the mid-engine sports car will celebrate its world debut.

The high-performance program includes engine tuning that increases power output to 609hp at 9,100rpm. Simultaneously peak torque grows from 540Nm to 569Nm at 5,400rpm, propelling the two-seater car to a top speed in excess of 330km/h. Powered by this engine the two-seater engine tuning reaches a top speed in excess of 330km/h...

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GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: Novitec Rosso Ups The Ferrari 458's Performance

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