I remember first reading Scott Burgess's reviews. For the most part I don't recall anything that stood out as ridiculous or disparaging. In fact, he was one of the only writers that derided the all-new Infiniti QX56 and stated what appeared to be his God's honest truth opinion.

Unlike the other guys who knocked it in the press room then proceeded to praise it in reviews.

But, it seems that there was a bit of a problem when Burgess got to the updated Chrysler 200. They've changed the name and have reworked it from the exterior to the interior, but the former Detroit News writer found "...the 200 is a dog."

While most in the automotive industry would probably admit that this reworked 200 is still not all that competitive in the midsize sedan landscape, Burgess went out there and wrote it. Then something happened.

According to Jalopnik, "Scott Burgess resigned today as The Detroit News auto critic after his editors bowed to a request by an advertiser to water down his negative review of the Chrysler 200."

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The first time I saw Scott Burgess’s review of the Chrysler 200, I very nearly posted a screengrab of the headline to TTAC as a conversation-starter. Why? Because when a Detroit automaker re-launches a worked-over vehicle in a crucial segment and then hypes it with a Detroit-boosting Super Bowl ad, the local paper just doesn’t go and slam the car in question. In fact, it’s rare to ever see a negative review of a Detroit-made vehicle in either the Detroit News or its sister paper the Detroit Free Press. Ultimately I decided against pointing out the DetN’s slam, as one headline does not a story make… unless, of course, it does. reports that Burgess has resigned from the Detroit News, and that a number of his bon mots have been excised from the online version of his 200 review. Lines like “regrettably, the 200 is a dog,” as well as his conclusion that...

[Source: The Truth About Cars VIA Jalopnik]

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The TRUTH About An Auto Critic Who Speaks His Mind On The New Chrysler 200

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