Man, I must admit. There are very few truth seekers in the automotive industry. I like to consider AutoSpies one of them but my God the force is strong behind Jack Baruth.

And dear God is the man BRUTAL!

Take, for example, this whole Scott Burgess -- formerly of The Detroit News -- ordeal. Baruth went through the very simple process of looking up Burgess' last review on the Sebring, which of course was the dreaded convertible variant, and started comparing it to the latest hate-fest on the updated 200.

To keep it simple, you have to see the amount of detail Baruth put into this. Between the pictures and specific excerpts he selected, I mean WOW.

With that said, we've included a taste down below; however, you better do yourself a favor and click "Read Article" to see the FULL details from Baruth...

When Scott Burgess resigned from the Detroit News over that paper’s ex post facto editing of his Chrysler 200 review, Jalopnik and many other sites couldn’t wait to hail the man as a veritable hero of journalism, a lone wolf defiantly standing alone against a shadowy coalition of evil manufacturers, greedy dealers, and weak-willed publications. I wasn’t so sure about the whole thing. Surely the amiable junketeer who wrote “The Volt may be Mr. Right for the future, but the Cruze is Mr. Right Now” hadn’t really been that horrified by the 200, which is a perfectly reasonable mid-sized car and not in any way the apocalyptic, symptomatic, prophylactic hell-hound described in the original DetNews draft.

So, I did what nobody else was willing to do: I found Scott’s review of the Chrysler Sebring. Sit down, crank up Rebecca Black’s horrifying, Sebring-centric song “Friday”, and let’s ride our drop-top time machine back to April 4, 2007…

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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Scott Burgess Found A Chrysler He Likes…It’s Called The Sebring

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