One of the most intriguing stories of the first quarter in 2011 has been the whole The Detroit News and Scott Burgess story. That's because it just gave a glimpse into the automotive industry and automotive journalism on a real level.

There wasn't any bull$#!t about what happened there.

A journalist wrote what he felt about a car, admittedly so he was a bit harsh about it, and an advertiser directed the end result for what was published on the web site. Although the gist of Burgess' message was still clear -- how couldn't it be -- it was modified nonetheless.

Now we all know that Burgess is back to doing what he loves but now we have to question The Detroit News and its policies to ensure it wouldn't happen again.

This week he got behind the wheel and wrote a story on the Dodge Journey, another Chrysler Group product.

With everything that's gone on, do you think that this is a bit of a puff piece or is the updated Journey really as good as Burgess says? I'd suggest you take a look at some chunks of the piece Burgess penned for this week's column down below.

**To read Scott Burgess' FULL review of the Dodge Journey, click "Read Article"

...Even parked on the street, Dodge cars flex their muscle waiting for someone, anyone, to gun that Hemi under the hood. Who doesn't think a Challenger 392 dates three women from Bouzouki's at the same time...

...You'll notice little things like the beveled silver rings around the speedometer and tachometer. The small LCD screen mounted right between the gauges matches perfectly to the silver trim that flows horizontally across the dashboard. The soothing smell of leather from the upgraded seat trim and nicely wrapped steering wheel will calm nearly anyone. Even the most crazed Hollywood actor who stormed out of a highly successful sitcom featuring him and one-and-a-half other stars would relax in the cockpit of this vehicle...

[Source: The Detroit News]

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Burgess Is Positive About The 2011 Dodge Journey But Does Something Smell Fishy?

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