For years Ferrari has been creating Challenge-series cars so owners who want to live the ultimate dream, and go racing, can. This is basically as close as you can get to being Michael Schumacher, unless you were bred to be a racer since the womb.

The latest Challenge vehicle is the 458 Italia, previous models were the F430, F360, F355 and 348.

If you want to see and hear the latest 458 Italia Challenge make some moves around Monza, check out the video down below. The driver is Stefano Gai.

You’ve probably heard about Ferrari’s track-alicious 458 Italia Challenge, the latest in a line of racers to emerge from Maranello’s production cars. Revealed to the public for the first time at the Bologna Motor Show last December, the Italian company has produced a new video of the hardcore supercar hot lapping the Monza circuit in the hands of the Stefano Gai, World Champion in the Trofeo Pirelli Italia 2010, with breathtaking footage from two in-car cameras...


[Source: Carscoop VIA FerrariWorld]

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VIDEO: One Lap Around Monza In A Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge

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