While all-wheel-drive, a higher ride height and four doors all play their part in shaping MINI’s new Countryman, the mission objective has always boiled down to one thing: space.
As MINI’s younger customer base transitions into their next phase of life: kids, mortgage, and matrimony (possibly not in that order) – space was the key element craved by this growing market.
As you would expect of any BMWBLOG Drive Review, we will bring you to the racetrack, the open road, and the congested streets of metropolis driving in due time – but first – let’s get to the question we know you’ve all been asking: how many kids can I fit in the MINI Countryman?

MWBLOG just had to find out. So we called up our good friend Raj Singh, a teacher at David and Mary Thomson Collegiate, located on the East side of Toronto. Our mission? To stuff as many book reading, iPod listening, basket ball dribbling, french fry eating kids into the MINI as possible – with all five doors shut, as we would expect you to do the same when driving down the road; you don’t want to lose a kid out the hatch, after all.
As it turns out, the MINI Countryman will fit an astonishing 18 kids within the confines of its stylish sheet metal. And we’re not talking small children, we’re talking well-fed, happy and energetic High School students. Perhaps the Countryman is not so mini after all – but is it still a MINI when it comes to the driving experience? Read on to find out.

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How many kids can fit in a MINI Countryman? 18 of them

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