If we were to poll users on which three autos were the most iconic, something tells me that we'd find the top three looking something like this:

- Porsche 911
- Ferrari Testarossa
- Lamborghini Countach

While the first two are the de facto choices when any auto-related company makes a sign or logo, the latter was always a bit more "out there." That's because it looks akin to a rocket ship.

Considering its been the object of affection for many, another publication decided to harass Valentino Balboni, the famed Lamborghini test driver, again for his opinion. To say he means something to the company is an understatement -- remember, he just had a car named after him.

Aside from Balboni's opinion though, which Countach would you have given the selection of all the generations?

**Want to see which Countach Balboni picked? Click "Read Article" to find out his choice

You may remember the Lamborghini Countach. Often hailed for single-handedly jump-starting the poster industry more than 25 years ago, it's also one of the most misunderstood supercars of all time.

It's often lambasted by those who have never driven one and dismissed as a toy for poseurs during a midlife crisis. But this Lamborghini's time has finally come. Its place in history as the ultimate high-performance car of its era is now secure.

The Countach lived a long life, remaining in production from 1974-'90 through some very tough years at Lamborghini. But its appeal as the ultimate fantasy car remained undimmed. You can't help but admire a model created with just two very clear aims: to go faster than all others, and keep Ferrari out of the spotlight...

[Source: InsideLine]

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Valentino Balboni Picks His Favorite Lamborghini Countach Out Of The Lot

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