Zagato is one of the most prominent names in the automotive business. That's because it has created artwork out of some of the most exclusive cars.

Essentially, the company took exclusive cars and made them more...exclusive. Well, played Zagato.

Now Zagato and Aston Martin are coming together, once again, to create something new. The last Aston and Zagato creation that I can remember is the DB AR1, although we think this is going to be a bit more hardcore.

Given that low front valence and aggressive roofline, we're thinking -- along with AutoExpress -- this car could be based on the Vantage; however, we think it's the V12 Vantage. Several things we notice about this image:

1) Venting on the hood
2) Massive fender flares in the rear
3) Blacked-out A-Pillar a la Nissan's GT-R and Koenigsegg

Anything to add, Spies?

Aston Martin has confirmed it will be collaborating with Italian design house Zagato on a new car – and this is the first image of the machine.

Set to be unveiled at the Villa D'Este Concours event on May 21 on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, the new model will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the DB4GT Zagato (pictured) – the first collabortive model which was produced in 1961...

[Source: AutoExpress]

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Aston Martin And Zagato Team Up -- With Which Aston, Though?

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