You see, not every brand is seeing the growth and success of Audi over the past couple of years. Although you can argue that Audi isn't a major volume player, the brand continues to steam ahead with increases in its market share.

Aside from that though, what about the rest of the luxury automakers? Are they picking up the pace? According to dealers, apparently, they're feeling pretty confident that the luxury market will be back on its feet in no time.

Considering they're on the front lines dealing with sales on a daily basis you can't exactly discredit them.

One key point that is noted in The Detroit News' piece though is that the equity markets recovered quicker than housing. Hell, housing still is settling itself. You can thank the foreclosure market for helping keep housing a bit unbalanced.

Taking all of that into account, what say you, Spies?

Are you feeling more confident about our economy or are you still a bit nervous? Are out of the woods or do we have some ways to go?

Eighteen months ago, customers at Jim Snell's Land Rover dealerships sometimes bought new SUVs that looked just like their old ones.

That way, neighbors and colleagues might not realize that they had purchased a $60,000 vehicle in the midst of a fierce recession.

"With people out of work and worried about the economy, it probably wasn't the time to be calling attention to your new car," Snell said.

But bling may slowly be coming back — along with rising consumer confidence.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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Are Good Times Here Again For Luxury Automakers? Dealers Seem To Think So

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