Say what you will about scooters but one thing's certain, their sales are starting to pick up across the U.S.

While their utility and ease of use make getting around urban sprawls easy, there's been a long-held belief that scooters were more of a fashion statement than a tool to get around. Well, with gas prices ratcheting up, it appears that's not the case anymore.

According to The Detroit News, sales of scooters have rocketed past last year's figures and appear to be on fire for 2011.

While there may be a correlation with sales of scooters and rising gas prices, one thing I can't manage to wrap my head around is who really buys them?

Even if gas prices continue to rise, would you even find yourself in the market?

Scooters, which originally became popular in the United States in the 1950s more as a fashion accessory than as serious transportation, are gaining a new popularity with people like Dr. Richard Bromberg, who is spending more time traveling the roads of Fort Lauderdale astride his Piaggio scooter, less behind the wheel of his Toyota Prius hybrid.

"I can fill up my scooter with gas once a week for $8," said Bromberg, 74. "And every time I do, I feel I'm sending a personal message to foreign oil producers."

With gasoline near $4 a gallon and used-car bargains scarce, sales of scooters — some of which are rated by the manufacturer at or above 100 miles per gallon — have gone from warm to red-hot, some retailers say...

[Source: The Detroit News]

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Are HIGH Gas Prices Giving SCOOTERS A BOOST In Sales? Would YOU Consider One?

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