There are certain design themes that tend to last for an extended period of time in the auto industry and create some icons. Take, for example, the "Wedge" movement. Mostly seen in Italian products, these edgy designs evoked emotion and looked like something from well into the future.

This led auto blog, Straight-Six, to compile a list of the Top 10 "Wedge" supercars. Can you really blame them?

Leading up to this design change in the 1970s, Italian designers were known for their elegant, swoopy and sensual vehicles. Essentially, this was a complete change in their previous direction and had a dash of attitude.

With that said, can you think of any other top "Wedge" cars?

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Like the French art deco cars of the 1930s or the classic chrome of Detroit in the 1950s, we’ll likely never see an era in car design like the Italian “wedge” cars from the 1970s.

Riffing off the new proportions introduced by midengine 1960s race cars and the functional look of cutting-edge Cold War military aircraft, Italy’s car designers went about-face to the sensual and rounded look of many Post War sports cars by creating one wedge-shaped rolling doorstop after another.

Here are my ten most influential examples:

10. 1975-1982 Lancia Montecarlo

If not as exotic as some of my other Italian Wedge picks, the midengine Montecarlo (all one word, unlike the famous principality or the Chevy coupe) was essentially a supersized Fiat X1/9...


[Source: Straight-Six]

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