Certainly looks that way if the latest spy photos are to be believed.

Our friends at Autocar have obtained images of the new A4 undergoing testing and it looks patently obvious that the A4 will receive more angular headlights and a grill that echos the A7 and 2012 A5/S5.

Just to bring you up to speed on the new look for the 2012 A5/S5, we've included pictures of the updates down below.

Audi will follow up its changes to the A5 family with similar revisions to the A4 saloon and estate.

Chief among the styling changes will be a bolder look for the front headlights. These are expected to feature Audi’s now distinctive ‘wave’ LED design seen on the revised A5, as well as Audis including the new A1, A6 and A8 models.

Other styling changes likely to feature include a flatter, wider front-end with a new bumper and larger air intakes. There will also be tweaks to the front grille, and a new bumper and light design for the rear...

[Source: Autocar]

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SPIED: Is Audi's A4 Going To Receive The 2012 A5/S5 Treatment?

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