Although we may not pay for the cost of new, standardized safety changes directly, we do absorb the costs associated with certain equipment in one form or another.

Why else do you think cars are becoming more expensive?

Take, for example, a statistic that Scott Burgess points out in his writing. By 2014 every vehicle will be required to feature a back up camera so people don't get run over. Oh-kay, valid concern I guess. Here's the rub though: it is said to cost an estimated $1.9 billion and $2.7 billion. As Burgess points out the DOT guesses that the back up cameras will save approximately 95 to 112 people a year.

I mean, don't get me wrong I am not the grim reaper here but considering the amount of investment involved when perfectly able drivers can be more cautious is bordering on ridiculous.

Here's an idea that may actually work: Make the ability to obtain a license stricter and more costly. Not only would it generate an increased revenue but driver's with better training would create a safer driving environment.

With that all said, what do you think of the FIVE features Burgess points out? Do we need more? Anything specific you want to address?

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Sometimes the government demands new vehicle features in the name of safety, the environment or some other reason.

Sometimes, these mandates are good: Electronic stability control on all new vehicles will save lives and make roads safer. New roof crush standards may do the same...

...While I have no power to force carmakers to comply, here are five features that every car and truck should have. Not for safety or the environment, but simply because these are some of the best features found in vehicles today. They are mostly inexpensive and just make driving a little bit easier.

No. 1: The capless fuel cap

Ford Motor Co. began deploying this neat little feature a few years ago. Ford calls it Easy Fuel, and eventually this amenity will make it on nearly every vehicle it manufactures. Instead of a traditional twist-off cap, the capless system starts with a cap with a hole in it....

[Source: The Detroit News]

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Five Features EVERY Car Should Have -- But Are They Worth The Cost?

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