It's been a great weekend covering the wicked cool 2011 Comicon show in San Diego and we now have about 1000 photos now live in our official photo gallery.

As I looked at the vehicles sprinkled both inside and outside the convention center, I couldn't help but think that they all had something in common.

They ALL had a 'CARTOON-LIKE' design.

Which looks cool on the showfloor but makes me cringe to think that maybe someday, vehicles like this will be driving the streets.

Or are they already?

I often see in our comments that Auto Spies readers comment that certain vehicles have that 'CARTOON-LIKE' DESIGN and almost always, it doesn't please them.

So in your opinion, which 2011-12 vehicles driving our roads have the MOST 'CARTOON-LIKE' designs?

Do you LIKE it or HATE it?

And pick ONE that is the WORST offender?

Spies, discuss...

But also look at the great shots from our full 2011 Comicon Photo Gallery.

We GUARANTEE you, there is NO other Comicon gallery THIS awesome on the net.

With other sites you're a spectator but with it's like you're THERE!

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Full 2011 Comicon Photo Gallery

Enjoy the FULL gallery below!

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What 2011-12 Vehicle Looks Like It Belongs More At A Display At Comicon Than On The Road?

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