Why does it seem like every time we get a Volkswagen Golf a new one is shown to the public only a couple of years later? It may have something to do with the huge lead time the U.S. market has to deal with when VW decides to float a product across the Atlantic.

Anyhoo, some new renderings have made their way onto the 'net thanks to AutoExpress who apparently has "insider information" that no one has been privy to. According to the British publication, these takes are the best representation of the next-gen, MKVII Golf that is said to debut at next year's Paris Motor Show.

As you can see it definitely has a more sporting and cutting-edge look to it. Granted, a hatch can only be so exciting in terms of design.

The bigger question here is what will VW have to do in order to make the next-gen Golf competitive? Its rivals are getting better, featuring: noteworthy interiors, cheaper prices, more space, higher fuel efficiency and are increasing reliability.

Considering VW has been on a de-contenting parade, we should expect more of the same from the Germans, right? Taking that into consideration, it could very well make the next car cheaper, more spacious yet not as good for the enthusiast. However, the buying public will come in droves, as we saw with the all-new 2011 Jetta.

The all-new VW Golf is coming – and Auto Express has the best pictures yet. The MkVII is due to debut at next year’s Paris Motor Show, and go on sale shortly afterwards. It’s been rebuilt from the ground up to provide more space, technology and safety features than any previous generation of the iconic hatch...

...But the key model is this five-door hatch, which our illustrators have recreated using inside information. Together with images of prototypes caught testing in Germany, they give us a clear idea of how next year’s most exciting new family car will look. As ever, the changes are evolutionary – but design boss Walter de’Silva has set out to give the styling a sportier feel. The front features a raked windscreen, two-bar grille and LED lights, while a square tailgate and wide wheelarches mark out the rear...

[Source: AutoExpress]

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Is THIS What The Next-Gen VW Golf Will Have To Look Like To Beat Out Its Competition?

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