You have to admit, Audi is not holding back. It wasn't too long ago that Audi was embroiled in a billboard battle with BMW. Now I am not going to pick sides with who won that, that's up to you.

But here's the funny thing, they're at it again!

I just received an image from our very own Agent 001 who was just getting in from Los Angeles. According to 001, he just happened to stumble across this billboard on his drive home from LAX.

Not only is it one gigantic sign, there's two! It reads:

"The S-Class outclassed. The Audi A8 is here."

With that said, is Audi's remark true or completely without merit?

Let us know in the comments down below...

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BILLBOARD WARS HEAT UP: Ad Says New Audi A8 Outclasses S-Class. TRUE?

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