Now remember, we're talking about this showdown in terms of DESIGN.

Not which one is better.

Not which one you'd rather have.


In the past several days, BMW has finally come out with its i3 and i8 concepts. Or shall we say "Concepts," since BMW always tends to play this silly game.

Although the marque kept details relatively vague, we know that the i8 has a bit to live up to by resurrecting the 8-Series nomenclature. And there's no question that with this kind of technology and style, this vehicle will fetch a premium, it's just a matter of how high at this point. But our friends at BMWBlog decided to place both products side-by-side and get an idea of how the Audi R8 and i8 look next to each other.

So, what say you? WHICH design do you find more appealing and visually striking?

Of course it's a little bit of an apples and oranges comparison since the R8 has been out for years, but BMW's been tinkering with this M1/i8 design for a few years so it's not that old to be frank...

First and foremost, we are the first to state that the following comparison is not only unusual, but somewhat …unfair. The two supercars are fundamentally built on different strategies and core values. While BMW is betting its future on sustainability and efficient mobility, Audi continues to produce supercars that turn heads and attract new customers to the brand.

Second, the technology used in the BMW i8 and Audi R8 is entirely different, from engine to chassis and drivetrain.

So what do the two cars have in common? The design. This is the common ground since both cars are and will be seen as two super sporty vehicles that cater to those looking for extravagant rides at exotic prices...

[Source: BMWBlog]

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DESIGN Showdown: BMW's i8 Concept vs. Audi's R8 -- Which Supercars Gets YOUR Vote?

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