There's no question that some of the German automakers, particularly Audi and BMW, are chasing market share wherever they can. They've even been adventurous enough to branch out into new niches.

And weirdly enough, one area that both brands haven't gotten into is the entry-level luxury sport-utility class. Audi is "considering" bringing the all-new Q3 to the U.S. market and according to BMWBlog, BMW has backed off bringing the highly successful -- in Europe -- X1 to the States. The latest report is saying that BMW will wait until 2012.

Now by backing off, is BMW missing the chance to come into this niche and really run the show? Could Audi come in and invade BMW's stomping grounds?

What say you, Spies?

At a recent BMW event, we learned that for now, the BMW X1 has been indefinitely postponed in the United States. In the following days, we learned through unofficial channels that the entry-level Sports Activity Vehicle remains on the U.S. roadmap and a tentative launch date will be in late 2012...

[Source: BMWBlog]

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Uh Oh! BMW Postpones The X1, Again? With The Q3 Possibly Coming To The U.S., Is This A Bad Move?

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