You have to give it to these guys. They've either got big ones or they're completely insane. Quite possibly both.

Underground Racing has taken the already powerful Ferrari 458 Italia and thrown on a pair of turbochargers to give Italy's finest a bit more oomph. Considering it makes over 560 horsepower stock, that's somewhat hard to improve on.

According to this YouTube video though, the tuner has been able to get 700 rear-wheel horsepower running on 93 octane fuel. And that's just stage one.

With all of that said though, is this what Ferrari intended?

Keep in mind that Enzo's last creation was the F40, which had a twin-turbo powerplant straight from the factory...

Underground Racing raises the bar once again in the exotic tuning market. Introducing the Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo. Equipped with Underground Racing's Stage 1 twin turbo system, this Italian horse stomps out an amazing 700 rear-wheel horsepower on pump 93 octane fuel...

[Source: YouTube]

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VIDEO: Is A Twin-Turbo'd Ferrari Sacrilegious? Underground Racing Doesn't Think So...

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