At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen surprised a lot of people with its Beetle R. It was sportier and actually had some gusto, considering it was a Beetle.

There was one problem though: it just wasn't enough. Although VW has given the Beetle a more masculine look, that's not saying much. Even with the beefier R bits, the car just seemed to be lacking.

However, BMW Group has been working on its own little treat, the 2012 MINI Coupe.

Armed with its backwards-style cap look and some nifty little features, it seems that 001 has been sold on it. A couple of the things that 001 fancied:

1) The "Porsche-style" auto pop-up rear spoiler
2) Cargo space, which is "impressive for a two seater"
3) An EASY 30 mpg, no problem

With that said, we want you to take a look at some of 001's snaps from today and compare them against our shots of the Beetle R concept.

Let us know: is the MINI the all-new people's car?

2012 MINI Coupe Photo Gallery

2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Photo Gallery

2012 MINI Coupe - Is IT What The NEW Beetle SHOULD Have Been?

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