I know this sounds like something out of a really bad b-movie, but it's true. According to local Cleveland reports, a woman led police on a wild goose chase. That's assuming the goose was a bit perturbed and wearing nothing but fishnets, a G string and a pair of tennis shoes.

Folks on the scene report hitting speeds as high as 128 mph before the runaway chase was put to an end thanks to some tire deflation device.

Check out the video down below..

Ohio authorities arrested a topless woman after she allegedly led them on a high-speed police chase that saw speeds of more than 120 mph.

Authorities aren’t sure where – or how – Erin Holdsworth, 28, of Hiram, started her night on Oct. 11. All they know is that it ended with a car chase down Route 422 that, at its fastest, reached 128 mph...

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VIDEO: Thanks For The Mammaries -Topless Woman Arrested In Cleveland Driving 128MPH

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