Although this may seem peculiar or counterintuitive, it turns out that some of Nissan's leading executive are not happy that the Juke-R skunkworks project even happened.

If you're not familiar, the Juke-R is a specific project-built vehicle that was done up by some very ambitious folks in the UK. Obviously fitting a Nissan GT-R's important pieces to a Juke is really an engineering marvel. Sure it won't perform exactly like a GT-R but it's pretty damn close.

And, considering how controversial the Juke's styling is, it's probably about time that the press and public really too a look at this vehicle and embraced how cool and outrageous it can be.

According to reports, the executives from Nissan's HQ are not please that components from its flagship, high-performance Godzilla were installed into an economy compact. Definitely a funky reaction to an undertaking that has generated a massive outpouring of positive impressions on the Juke.

Aside from that, take a look at the Juke-R getting driven around the infamous Silverstone track in the UK.

VIDEO: Nissan's Juke-R Hits The Track, But Guess Who's PISSED It Actually Exists...

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