I remember it like it was yesterday. BMW had just announced it's 2010 BMW X5/6M was to be produced and that it would feature a forced induction motor, all-wheel drive and come with a standard autobox. Oh yeah, and it was a hulking sport-utility vehicle.

Jeez. It just had clobbered what BMW M was all about. So, I beat up on it.

When I got behind the wheel though, wow. What a product! It actually became my favorite. And boy did I eat some tasty crow for that one.

Now we find ourselves ahead of another innovation for BMW M; diesel motors. It's been rumored about for months and finally we're beginning to see the fruits of the Bavarians labor.

Granted, it's all being dragged out -- in typical BMW fashion -- with cheesy, scripted videos. Just get on with it already.

That said, we want to know what YOU think: can BMW keep on with its string of success or is a diesel-powered M car pushing it?

A new chapter powered by M. Step 2.

And a refresher if you missed the first "tease."

A new chapter powered by M. Step 1.

So, BMWs Proved Turbos, AWD and Autos Can Be Put In An

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