After much of the typical BMW teasing and hyping, we finally were privy to BMW's latest endeavor -- M performance diesels.

That means BMW took a six-cylinder motor and strapped on not one or two, but THREE turbos to it. In addition, all of the vehicles each were outfitted with M-specific interiors and tuning throughout the lineup.

It's definitely going to be weird to see how these things are in the flesh but if you're located in the U.S., that may be a bit of an issue. They're not coming here.

Aside from that, take a look below to see BMW's latest and greatest.

Powered by M. Four new M Cars hit the track, X6 M50d, X5 M50d and M 550d xDrive Saloon and Touring.

The new BMW M Performance Automobiles mark a completely new category of vehicle and a change in strategy from the high-revving normally aspirated icons of old...

2013 BMW M Performance Diesels Photo Gallery

VIDEO: BMW Shows Us Its M Performance Diesel Lineup In ACTION

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