Last week, BMW gave us our FIRST look at the 2013 BMW X6. Changes were subtle; however, we weren't expecting anything earth shattering anyway.

Now though we've gotten a hold of BMW's handful of images related to one of our favorite products, the X6M.

Say what you will about the X6M being ridiculous and unnecessary, but for me that's exactly why I like it. Oh yeah, and it has more utility than a CTS-V wagon when you equip the M with a set of snow tires.

We are talking about 550 + horsepower family haulers, right?

Anyway, take a look at the new photos and videos below and let us know WHICH changes YOU can spot. Believe you me, they're not THAT noticeable.

2013 BMW X6 Photo Gallery

So, THIS Is The 2013 BMW X6M - Can YOU Spot The Differences From The 2012?

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