You know why I don't mind buying racks of polo shirts from Ralph Lauren? Because I know somewhere down the line he'll buy another ridiculously rare car and in a way I had a part in that.

Oh-kay, I am not entirely serious. If I were that'd be pretty pathetic.

I recall someone once equated Lauren's Ferrari collection to something like this: "Sure, there are collectors out there that have a dozen or so Ferraris but here's the thing. Ralph Lauren's collection is like 10 $100 bills while the other guys all have 10 $10 dollar bills."

Well, it looks like the infamous clothier has added yet another $100 bill to the collection in form of a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport World Record Edition.

Now that end bit, "World Record Edition" is a big deal. That's because there's only five in the world and one in the U.S. However, Lauren's is said to be the sixth and his vehicle is now the second in the States.

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I came across these pictures recently which show Ralph's Veyron Super Sport (world record edition) with a few nice touches of his special customization. It looks pretty incredible and is yet another unique car to add to his mind blowing collection!

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Ralph Lauren Adds Another $100 Bill To His VAST Supercar Collection

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