The Lamborghini Gallardo has been a staple of the line up since its hotly anticipated debut way back when. Its V10 and lower price made it easier to access for the masses and boosted Lambo sales to record levels.

But there's been tons of variants. From the Balboni Edition, to the Bi-Colore, the SuperLeggera and others, it would make for a helluva selection if you were in the market for one.

That said, one of the most limited editions was created in a partnership with watchmaker Blancpain. There were only 12 models built globally and three have made their way stateside.

What do you make of this special edition Gallardo? Worth the price of admission or would you rather have another one?

A sketch put together by The4Elementz for Lamborghini of Las Vegas in conjunction with ShirakiPhoto. We were very limited on what we could do with the car since it did not have an owner. We only had a 10 mile allowance but with these limitations, we improvised and did what we had to do to create this video.

VIDEO: Is Lamborghini's SuperLeggera LP-570-4 Blancpain Edition A STUD or DUD?

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