As you may suspect from our last post, which featured RUF's stretched Panamera limo, RUF is notorious for creating some very special Porsches. Oh yeah, and they're fast as hell.

Now if you thought the pearl white Panamera was interesting, wait until you get to the products below.

See that green 991 below? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the first turbocharged 991 in the world -- that's not a factory prototype ;). According to reports, it has the 3.8-liter flat six, is good for 630 horsepower and tops out at 205 mph.

The orange vehicle below appears to be a stretched Cayman, known as the CTR3 Clubsport. It produces an outrageous 750 horsepower and has a v-max of 229 mph.

However, it's the yellow car that's the surprise of the lot here. That's because it is equipped with a flat-crank V8 powerplant -- specifically designed by RUF -- and is the only 991 with a V8 on the planet, which churns out 550 horsepower.

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2012 Geneva Motor Show Photo Gallery

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: RUF Takes The 991 To Another Level And Offers Some Surprises

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