Full disclosure: To be straightforward with you guys, I have never been a fan of the Bugatti Veyron. I'll be the first to admit the vehicle deserves tons of credit as being an engineering marvel and an automotive icon; however, it doesn't get my motor running, if you catch my drift.

If we're talking upwards of a couple million bucks, you better believe I'd want a McLaren F1.

But at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, it unveiled something rather remarkable. If 1,000 horsepower car without a roof wasn't good enough, Bugatti upped the power by another 200 hp.

Frankly though, I could care less about the power because the two show models it displayed were much more eye catching than any other Veyron I had seen previously.

Personally, I find that the two-tone matte and glossy grey exterior finish with the orange and black interior is just OUTRAGEOUS! I love it.

Something tells me though that there would be a lot of takers on that blue-dyed carbon fiber finish with the light and bright blue trim.

What say you, though? WHICH Bugatti would you want in YOUR driveway?

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2012 Geneva Motor Show Photo Gallery

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: GREY or BLUE, Which Bugatti Veyron Suits YOU?

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